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I’m going to share with you one of the easiest way to make money using Ibotta. Who doesn’t like to earn extra cash. This last week alone I made $60.48 from rebates and bonuses through Ibotta by purchasing items I normally buy.  It only takes a few extra minutes, and the payout is amazing! 

There are three ways you can earn money with Ibotta.

  1. You can download the Ibotta app on your phone
  2. You can link a Store Loyalty card to your account
  3. You can make Mobile In-App purchases

Before you go shopping, scroll through the available offers on products through the Ibotta app, or on your computer.  Most offers will have a simple task for you to complete – Usually a short 30 second video, a one question survey, or a few paragraphs describing their product for you to read.  After you watch the video, answer their survey, or click saying you read about their product, the offer is then added to your list. 

Some of my favorite Ibotta offers:

  • Any Item – earn $0.25 cash back on any item
  • Free After Offer – these items will have a red banner stating that after your rebate the item will be free.
    My most recent “Free After Offer” purchase was Yoplait Yogurt Mix-Ins for $1.00
  • Repeats – Ibotta remembers the offers you use, and will add them to your gallery so you can use them again.

How do you redeem a rebate on Ibotta?

To redeem your offers, take a photo of your receipt using the Ibotta app.  Your purchases will be verified within 48 hours (except for online purchases, it has never taken me longer than 24 hours to have a purchase verified).  Your cash will then be deposited into your account.

Ibotta Hacks:

$ Some items have multiple offers. Make sure to take advantage of these.

$ When I withdraw my cash, I like to purchase gift cards for stores that Ibotta has special deals for online purchases. For example, right now Ibotta is featuring “Ibotta Days”. In this promo, Ibotta has extra deals for online purchases, with up to 3 times cash back, and special bonuses like: $5.00 Additional Cash Back using their Mobile Shopping.  

For example, I can redeem my cash for an Amazon gift card, then earn extra savings by using one of their Amazon deals (I chose “3% cash back on Amazon Home & Kitchen”).  Not only do I receive 3% back on my purchase, but I will also receive $5.00 from the bonus.

$ Bonus offers. Ibotta always has multiple bonus offers available.  Recently they had a $1.00 Gluten-Free Month Bonus.  To qualify for the bonus I had to purchase 3 gluten free items from the participating offers.  Ibotta had offers for $1.00 cash back for EVOL Single Serve Meals, $1.00 cash back on Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free breads & bagels, and multiple others.  I can earn money by purchasing these items, and after I buy 3, earn an extra $1.00 from the bonus. 

These bonuses can add up quickly.  Last month I earned an extra $12.50 from bonuses.

$ Use store or manufacturer coupons to increase your savings.

$ Watch for sale items. My local Walmart was preparing for their new inventory of makeup products, so they marked down their L’Oreal items to $1.00.  Ibotta happened to be promoting L’Oreal makeup and had several offers and a bonus. 

On one trip I bought a Lumi Cushion Foundation, lipstick and eye makeup.  I spent $3.00 on makeup, and because I could combine offers, (L’Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation and L’Oreal Foundation) I received $9.45 back (Including “Any Item $0.25 cash back”).  This put me at $6.45 ahead!

Not only that, but within 24 hours Ibotta made the rebate available again, so I bought more makeup!  By the time it was finished, I spent $11 on makeup – which I love – and was rebated a total of $37.60!  One of the amazing ways to make money with Ibotta!

Ready to join? Click here to sign up, and receive a $10 bonus after you redeem your first offer!

$ Dollar Tree is one of my favorite Ibotta hacks. Every item at Dollar Tree is priced at $1.00 or less.  At the time of this writing Ibotta has 50 offers with a rebate of more than $1.00, and more than 10 items have a rebate of $2.00 or more!  I love getting things for free!  But it’s even more exciting when I come out ahead! This is money in straight in your pocket!

$ Make sure to read the details on the offers. Nothing is more frustrating than arriving home with your purchases and scanning the receipt to find your items don’t match.  To guarantee you found the correct item, Ibotta offers an option to scan the barcode.  You can find this feature in the details section of your offer. 

Where can I use Ibotta?

Ibotta has over 300 supported retailers, including: restaurants, convenience stores, retail chains, home improvement centers, pharmacies and pet stores.

According to their website, you can use Ibotta at:

Click here to find out more!

How can I redeem my earnings?

When you have earned $20 you can transfer it your PayPal or Venmo account.  If you don’t have a PayPal or Venmo account, you can convert your earnings to a gift card.  Ibotta has over 45 gift cards to choose from.  With $25.41 in my account, here are all of the amazing options I have to choose from.

Sign up at Ibotta to take advantage of these amazing offers.

Join now with code: ivpclde and receive a $10 bonus after your first rebate.

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